What is meditation – why should one meditate at all

Fourth Public Talk at San Diego State College, California 9 April 1970

“In meditation, what is the place of search? Can one bring about order without understanding disorder?

Is control necessary for order? Why do we need control when there is understanding of “what is”?

Can a petty mind experience anything other than its own projections and activities?

To see clearly, musn’t the mind be quiet?

If you see this extraordinary thing going on in your life, then it is everything. Then you are the teacher, the student, the beauty of the cloud and that is love.

What is meditation? But before we go into that, which is really quite a complex and intricate problem, we ought to be, it seems to me, very clear what it is we are after. We are always seeking something, especially those who are religiously minded, and even the scientist, seeking has become quite an issue – seeking. What are we seeking? I think this must be very clearly and definitely understood before we go into this, into what is meditation and why one should meditate at all. And what is the use of meditation, where does it get you?”