Transformation of Man series

Brockwood Park 1976, Dialogue with Dr. David Bohm and Dr. Shainberg

Krishnamurti dialogues with Dr Bohm and Dr Shainberg in this 7 part series.
The dialogue slowly uncovers the nature of man’s psyche, his fragmentation, the limitations of a thought based society and finds out if there is a wholeness, a sacredness in life which is untouched by thought.

Krishnamurti is asked how the viewer can best share in these dialogues, and gain the most from these dialogues.

“I think it all depends on how serious you are, how deeply you want to go into these questions.. Which is after all your life. We’re discussing the daily life of every human being, of fear, pleasure, sorrow, death and if there’s anything sacred in life.
So if you’re really serious.. go into this matter very carefully with care, with attention.. Then you can share a great deal. But you have to be serious, really serious. You have to do it right through your life, every day of your life. And so then, if you listen to it, listen with care, attention, with a sense of affection, not agreeing or disagreeing, but if you really care to find out how to live properly, what is right relationship between human beings, then you would share completely I think with the dialogue we’ve had since the last five days.”