How do I deal with my deep rooted emotion?

Ojai 1982 – Question #3 from Question & Answer Meeting #1

If one profoundly wants to be free from fear, one has to go to the very root of it. The mind that has fear is a destructive, aggressive, neurotic mind.

What is the root of fear? Is it time? The past, the present and the future.

And is thought also the root of fear? Thinking about the past, projecting into the future.

Fear is not a static thing, it is a movement.

How does the mind see the fact of this? Is it accepted as an idea, as words, translating it into concepts, abstracting it. Which implies constant conflict – struggling with the idea and actualizing it.

When you observe fear from the past, you are using an energy which has already been employed year after year. Which is a wastage of energy.

Is there a new energy that meets this fear without the past?