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Saturday Dialogue

Due to the Coronavirus all dialogues have been cancelled until further notice.
1st, 2nd 3rd & 5th Saturday
Doors open at 3:45. Dialogue begins promptly at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.

The Trap of Pleasure & Entertainment

February 15-19, ONLINE PROGRAM
In modern existence - especially since the digital age - access to entertainment and pleasure has become increasingly immediate and easy. More than ever, it is now considered normal to have entertainment at our fingertips and at all times. Is there anything wrong with this way of life? J. Krishnamurti frequently warns about the dangers of this topic for the mind and for life itself. Whilst we are entertaining ourselves, is the house burning? Is a mind addicted to pleasure, incapable of facing truth? Do we see these dangers directly or does it all remain rather intellectual and casual a concern?

Actuality & Ourselves

We often seem to find ourselves seeking something, a happier situation, a way to avoid unpleasant feelings or circumstances, an escape from boredom, or something that is deeper and lasting, Truth or Actuality itself. Yet, this search can seem to have no end. What we are seeking eludes us, something seems to be missing….. Is it possible that this “something” is not eluding us, does not lie in some other dimension, or is not hidden away in some secluded location that we must seek out?

Attention: The 'be all' and 'end all'

April 5 - 9, Online Program
People often quote Krishnamurti as saying “Consciousness is its content,” but he said more often than not that “Consciousness as we know it, is its content.” Are we the content looking out through consciousness or is this content just information hosted by consciousness, and is it consciousness itself that represents our true essence? In order to consider this question we must first ask another question: “What is attention?”

An Exploration of Hurt in Our Lives

April 19 - 23, ONLINE PROGRAM
Krishnamurti suggests that maintaining hurt and continuing blame is destroying our quality of life and relationship. He asks if it is possible never to be hurt again? We shall be exploring this issue together, seeing if we can probe and question our way into a deeper understanding of both conscious and unconscious hurt in our lives.

Annual May Gathering 2021

Due to the coronavirus, this program will be an online event only. Register for live
streaming access.
May 1-2
A free 2-day Public Program: Register to listen to speakers and panels, participate in dialogues and learn more about all the Foundation's activities.