Bulletin 2019

A printed version of the annual KFA Bulletin is offered to a small group of supporters and includes previously unpublished material by Krishnamurti. Our archives houses a great deal of unpublished content, including audio recordings, which require some work to transcribe and verify. There are some compelling materials in the vault that will one day be put into book form. Click here to make a donation and receive next year’s Bulletin.

Every year we select a theme to focus on in order to align various programs at the Krishnamurti Center in Ojai and inquiry activities at the Oak Grove School. This year we’ve chosen the theme Freedom from the Known.

This title is more relevant than ever. The question “what is the known?” continues to be pushed to its limits. Are we only moving within the constraints of our past? Are we unknowingly executing an evolutionary program with small individual differences? Is the notion of “freedom” just another romantic projection of the mind to escape from our suffering?

 We hope you enjoy Bulletin #93.

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