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KFA Bulletin - 2013

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KFA Bulletin 2013   Bulletin 2013 - K with children at Oak Grove


"Unconditioning Through Education"

Throughout 1975 and 1976 Krishnamurti had a series of discussions with teachers, parents and KFA trustees exploring the essence of a Krishnamurti school. The purpose of these dialogues was to consider how to bring about this essence at the newly opened Oak Grove School in Ojai, California.

A central theme that recurs in most of these discussions is unconditioning. In the discussion included in this Bulletin, for example, Krishnamurti describes it as follows: “I hope we are clear about the problem. The teacher is conditioned, the student is conditioned, the parents are conditioned. And we see the importance and the absolute necessity of bringing about a transformation in the psyche of man. Now what shall we do? If I am the teacher in the school at Ojai, what, how shall I uncondition myself, the student, and, if you are willing, the parent?”

This particular Bulletin includes the first of these dialogues ever to be published; a preview into the book that will be published next year. The KFA has decided to publish the transcripts of these discussions in book form with the title: “Unconditioning Through Education.” We are aiming to have the first volume in print by November 2014. We’ve made it our priority to bring out more of Krishnamurti’s educational work through publications and programs. His emphasis to educate the whole human being, and not just the intellect, is a crucial element in the consideration of educational structures, especially given the highly specialized nature of contemporary society.


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