The KFA Archive

The Krishnamurti Archive in Ojai, California, is one of three official repositories of original material pertaining to the teachings of Krishnamurti. This includes handwritten manuscripts, letters, photographs, original audio/video and related materials. Its mission is to preserve the teachings of Krishnamurti as they were written and spoken, without distortion or interpretation. Preservation includes the ongoing work of digitizing this collection of his life’s work. These materials are available by appointment to scholars and others conducting research.

The KFA works collaboratively with the Krishnamurti foundations in the U.K. and India to establish a digital archive of all of Krishnamurti’s talks, which are transcribed for a text record, and also preserved in their original form. Maintaining an Archive is one of the essential missions of the Foundation. Not only does it preserve all original materials in a climate-controlled vault, but it houses the digital server which is the primary repository of the uncompressed digital copies of the original materials for all four of the Krishnamurti foundations (the U.S.A., U.K., India, and Spain). The digital archive is duplicated for safety, and housed in the U.S., the U.K., and India.

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