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Local Dialogues & Study Groups

All over the country there are groups of people getting together to screen a Krishnamurti video or listen to a talk, and perhaps to explore the dialogue process as a way to look into fundamental questions. To post your dialogue/study group, contact us.  For help starting your own group, see the Introducing K to Others section.

Dialogue group - Amsterdam. Tolstraat 154. Holland.
DVD & exchange on Krishnamurti and thought. 2013 March 9, April 6, May 4, June 1.
Moderator: Pim Kuiper 0031624239662

Video screenings and Dialogues.
All major cities and around Australia.
For more information please go to the web sites:
Australia Information Network or
Krishnamurti Australia

Austria, Graz
Video Showing & Dialogue Group
Twice per month.
Dates and Venues here.
For further information:

California, Fairfax
Dialogue 2nd and 4th Sundays of month
2:30-5:30 p.m.
Tele: 415-454-2690

California, Long Beach
Video showing and dialogue, 2nd Saturday of month.
Windhorse Center, 3145 E. Broadway

California, Los Angeles
Note: Meeting on hold pending bookstore's planned reopening in Spring 2013.
Third Saturday of the month
Video showing and discussion
Location: Bodhi Tree Bookstore, 8585 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA

California, Orange County
Title of your group: OC JK dialogues
Name of Coordinator: Soheyla Marzvaan
Address: 600 Corporate Dr #220
Phone: 949-429-6780

California, San Jose
Dialogue Group
Second and last Saturday of the month
(408) 421-8380

California, San Luis Obispo
Meeting for dialogue and video 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 6pm
Meeting for dialogue and video 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 6pm.

I have been following K since 1970 and worked with Dr. David Bohm with dialogue in Ojai and Laguna Beach.
Follow me on MEET-UP or contact me direct below:
San Luis Obispo, CA 93402
phone: 805 528 1000

California, Van Nuys
New K-dialogue group happening on the first Saturday of the month. The first official meeting will be September 1, 2012, from 2pm until 4:30 (or longer).
For more info, contact Howard Ward at 805-587-5660 or:

Canada, Calgary
Evening Krishnamurti video showing and discussion.
Call Raj Dhillon for information, 403-440-1708.

Canada, Montreal
Presented by the Krishnamurti Information Center of Montreal
DVD Showings and Discussions of K talks
at the Atwater Library, 1200 Atwater Av., 2nd floor
(next to Atwater metro and Alexis-Nihon Plaza)
Videos in English with French subtitles
from 2 to 4 pm - admission $5.
See also: KICM's website or call: 514.937.8869
or for the upcoming 2013 Schedule

Canada, Toronto
Dialogue/discussion group near the University of Toronto.

Canada, Victoria, B.C.
We host a K video and dialogue the first Sunday of the month at the Swanwick Centre in Victoria, B.C. Canada.
For more information see www.swanwickcentre.ca or contact me for more information.

Colombia, Bogotá
Video showing and discussion, 1st Thursday of the month.
Cra 6 No 56-40. Cel 310-5761713

Colorado, Pueblo
Monthly Study Group, studying 'On God'
2-4 PM, fourth Sunday of the month - but time and day are flexible depending on when it is best for all to meet.
(719) 545-3787

Florida, Melbourne/Orlando
Video showing & Dialogue
1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month
Call: Silvia Bryan 321-412-7767

Florida, West Palm Beach
Sundays once per month
Video showing and discussion
Go here for details

France, Burgundy
"Take a little time out for the serious, fundamental issues of living"

Situated in the peaceful countryside of Burgundy, and close to the vast forests of Les Bertranges, La Maison Krishnamurti Retreat Centre offers a place for quiet retreat, and a venue for group meetings of various kinds. During 2014 there will be a comprehensive programme of Krishnamurti-related gatherings, both in English and French.

For details, see our websites:
https://sites.google.com/site/lamaisonkrishnamurticentre (English Language)
http://la-maison-beaumont.blogspot.fr/ (French language)

Hawaii, Honolulu
Kapiolani Park
1-3 PM every first Sunday of the month

Illinois, Chicago
Monthly meetings.

India, Coimbatore
Every Saturday at the JKrishnamurti Study Center
Video showing and discussion
Location: 7 Father Rhondy Street (North-South),
RS Puram, Coimbatore-641002, Tamil Nadu, India
Contact Sri Ramachundiran at 91-422-2544992
or Sri. R.K. Murthy at 91-422-2439844

Maine, Blue Hill
Further information at: 207-359-4428.

Maryland, Silver Spring
Monthly dialogue: the second Sunday of every month
call Terry at 301-622-5475

Maryland, Timonium
Krishnamurti inspired dialogue/inquiry: I am unhappy and I must be happy
Friday, September 27, 2013
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Universalus Interspiritual Center
2 Oakway, Timonium, MD 21093
2nd floor entrance in rear.
For more information click here.

Massachusetts, Cambridge
Dialogue group
Please use this link to facilitate finding each other:

Massachusetts, Marblehead
Marblehead (01945) is 15 miles North of Boston
Dialogue Retreats
(Sourced by the work of David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti)
Resource library with DVDs, tapes, and books.
Contact: M.Marchese for additional info
* Fall Dialogue Retreat In Marblehead, MA - Call for details: 609-273-3188

Massachusetts, Williamstown
Dialogue meetings held Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm. Location: 20 Mason St. Williamstown, MA 01267. For information please contact Dietmar Sommer at 413-884-6009.

Missouri, Kansas City
Krishnamurti: The Best Class You Will Ever Take on Meditation

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
6:30 - 9:30 pm
Atterbury Student Services Center - Room 236
5000 Rockhill Road
UMKC Campus

This class is part of the UMKC CommUniversity adult education program.
See: Page 20
or click: Course #6206A for full description.

Call: Marcus Williamson at 816-531-6155

Nepal, Kathmandu
call +9779813913288

New Jersey
Once per month
Please call Saumen Sarkar at 732-208-0546

New York, NYC
Once per month
Call or email for details
Phone: 917-270-5391

New York, NYC
Third Friday of every month at 7:30 pm
Location: Integral Yoga Institute on 13 St between 7th and 8th Avenue
Phone: 212-989-6345

New York, Syracuse
Krishnamurti discussion group
Syracuse, NY area.
Walter Rath

New York, Woodstock
Second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 2-4:30 PM. Evening hours are possible if people couldn't come earlier.
The group has been meeting for seven years!

New Zealand, Christchurch
DVD showing and dialogue
Once per month
For more details:

Norway, Oslo
Video showing / Dialogue in Oslo
For information click here
Or call Meera Hieran at +47 90 36 92 38, or

Oregon, Bend
What: Krishnamurti Bookclub
RSVP: Email Tila Sussman or call 310.756.3735 (voicemail or text) for details

The intention of this K bookclub is to have an alive, independent, investigative, inquiry into the nature of thought and one's “self”. We will see if one can end conflict and psychological suffering from within. As assumptions, opinions, judgments, and ideas, are not the actual, (as a picture of an apple is not an apple) we ask to look specifically at actualities.

Pennsylvania, Central PA Region
One day per month

Dates and Venues for each meeting are posted on web site:

Each month we watch a video or read a brief document containing K
teachings. We discuss the content observing together the validity and
applicability of the message.

For more information contact Dabis Camero at (717) 422-6284 or

Pennsylvania, Harrisburg
Third Sunday of every month.
Phone Richard at 717-645-7674, or

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Krishnamurti Dialogue Group in Pittsburgh, PA in 15228 meeting alternate Sundays of the month. For more information and schedule, contact Michael.

Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock
Second Sunday of every month.
Call Ted Kneupper at 724-794-6317

Texas, Austin
K-teaching boot camp: One-on-one dialogues hosted from my home

One-on-one dialogue groups give the opportunity to go deeply into questions that are alive for you, which may be more difficult in a group setting. I have traveled around the world to engaged in dialogue, and invite people with serious interest in self-investigation and the work of Krishnamurti.

Located out of city, NE Austin in a subdivision house on a beautiful lake and greenbelt. Dialogue all day Saturday through Sunday late morning. Overnight stay on Saturday night (2-night stay may be possible as well). Offering comfortable accommodations: one serious person at a time.

Contact: David Post for more information (512) 272-8690, or

Texas, Dallas
Monthly discussion group.
For information please contact Dr. Sita Mulukutla at 214-738-1133 or

Wisconsin, Madison
Dialogue group based on the David Bohm / J. Krishnamurti format